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3 Key Takeaways From ITEXPO 

I recently had the opportunity to attend ITEXPO with the Birch channel team, where everyone was talking about digital transformation. In fact, digital transformation was the theme of this year’s show which aligns nicely with the direction Birch is heading in 2018.

Here are three of my key takeaways from ITEXPO: 

Education is in demand: Partner education was a major part of our focus at ITEXPO, as there are varying levels of knowledge and awareness in this space. Some businesses know a lot about SD-WAN, and some are just getting started. So it was great to sit down with senior sales engineers and partners and figure out what questions people are asking. Many people, for instance, don’t really understand the benefits of SD-WAN over MPLS and what it can do for business networks.  Luckily, we recently rolled out Birch Product University. 

Marketing is also in demand: It was great to see the MindMatrix on hand at ITEXPO, as Birch is working with the company and together soon roll out a new marketing platform. Marketing is now top sore spot for partners, VARs, and MSPs who are looking for ways to grow their funnels without large budgets. MindMatrix solves that problem, which is why Birch invested in the platform.   

Customers want seamless transitions: While this wasn’t a theme at the show, it is something that came up a lot when chatting with attendees is the need to transition to the cloud without experiencing any business disruptions. We were sure to mention Voice Essentials, which lets you obtain VoIP features over your existing Internet connection and equipment. Partners and resellers need to be prepared to have this conversation when speaking with customers. 

Overall, it was a great conference and it was amazing to see such enthusiasm for our areas of focus for 2018. All signs indicate that this is going to be a groundbreaking year for Birch.