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Interview with Our Master Agent Partner eXemplify

I was happy to have the opportunity to discuss recent and upcoming changes to the Birch partner program and product roadmap with eXemplify's Robert Hayes.  The topics ranged from recent successes, to emerging technology, to the upcoming Channel Partners Conference and Expo.  

This interview was originally published on eXemplify's blog.  Here's an excerpt:

Birch Communications has paved the way for many a technology company, and is a leader in the Channel for a few reasons. We got to discuss what Birch has been working on over the last year, and the future of communications technology with Susan Graham, National Partner Development Manager for Birch. Check out our interview below to find out where Birch is headed.

Robert: What are some prominent successes Birch has had over the last year?

Susan: One of our biggest successes at Birch has been our POTS and Backup DSL services for SMBs.  It’s what we’re most known for in the channel, and for good reason.  We recently won multiple enterprise (multi-location) POTS aggregation opportunities.

In one opportunity, by aggregating the customer’s POTS and offering aggressive rates, the customer realized over $300,000.  They also streamlined their internal processes for network management, invoice management, support, and escalations. The Birch customer portal helps them keep their inventory up to date and empowers their staff to manage locations proactively.  Read the case study.

Robert: Are there any emerging technologies you see affecting your business in the years to come? (i.e. SD-WAN, internet of things, etc.)

Susan: Unified Communication and Collaboration as a Service (UCCaaS) is a technology we see affecting our business in 2017.  Birch went to market in 2016 with a relaunched UCCaaS offering, with emphasis on the “collaboration” part.  TotalCloud® PBX stands out from other offerings when you consider:

• Our ability to deliver access through dedicated circuits, fiber, or in a BYO environment
• It can be packaged with Birch POTS and Backup DSL for a total SMB solution
• Our Birch Platinum Experience for a white-glove implementation experience
• Our vast experience and success with SMB customers
• Combined, TotalCloud PBX makes a compelling case for partners that are looking to sell UCCaaS as a solution for SMBs rather than as a commodity.

The other key emerging technology in the enterprise market continues to be SD-WAN.  Despite the noise in the channel over this solution, it is still in the early stages of the adoption cycle, and it is mostly in play for medium-to-large enterprises.  Birch excels in the SMB market, so we will continue to refine our existing product set to deliver the most value while we pursue our roadmap to provide next-generation services like SD-WAN in 2017.  As adoption of SD-WAN increases and expands to the SMB marketplace, Birch will have a mature, proven offering.