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Birch Expands National Partner Development Manager Role, Hires Alicia Fowler

Last month we announced that we were focusing our sales strategy and resources on the channel, and with that would an increased investment in our channel program to offer our partners even greater support, tools, and resources to help them be successful selling Birch services.  Today we’re happy to announce the expansion of a strategic role in our channel support organization, and the addition of a promising new employee. Welcome to the team, Alicia Fowler, National Partner Development Manager (NPD).
If you’re a Birch partner reading this, there’s a better than even chance that our relationship is through a master agent.  We are currently a sponsor of 8 major master agents with sponsorship commitment levels ranging from silver to platinum.  The NPD supports these master agents and their respective partners.  With our increased commitment to our channel sales strategy we added headcount for the channel organization, and with the success of this role in the past and our growing engagement with master agents, it was an obvious place for us to expand our resources. 
The NPD role was created almost two years ago to act as a liaison with strategic master agents, our National Channel Managers and management, and our channel marketing team.  NPD’s also do remote trainings and attend local market partner events as another layer for support for our master agents and their partners in local markets.
We selected Alicia as a NPD because of her industry experience at a successful Birch partner.  By working with her when she was with this partner, we developed a relationship and were impressed with her acumen.  Coming from the partner side, it’s easy for Alicia to empathize with the master agents and partners that we support, and she can provide us with useful insight to help us in our mission to constantly improve and provide the best partner experience in the industry.
In the coming months the channel will continue to see the fruits of our commitment and investment in the channel program.  For now, we’re looking forward to seeing Alicia and the expanded NPD role making an impact on our master agents and partners.