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Welcome, Paul

Let’s create a great partnership together.

Thanks for taking the time to learn why our CEO, Tony Tomae, thinks that our Managed Voice Services are perfectly aligned to Ancero’s business.  

Birch is a leading provider of managed voice services and connectivity solutions.  We sell our products almost exclusively through channel sales partners, including MSPs like Ancero.  In fact, we think Ancero would be an ideal partner, because we have aligned goals, deep specialized knowledge, and complementary strengths.  

You Already Get It

Because you are already selling managed communications to your customers, including connectivity services, we don’t have to explain how you bring added value to your customers by offering them telecom services, and you already realize the significant recurring revenue that can be generated from selling telecom. 

We’re Specialized

Despite being a full service CLEC, our core focus is selling managed voice services to medium and large multi-location enterprises.  Our Managed Voice solution portfolio includes our TotalCloud® PBX unified communication and collaboration as a service (UCCaaS) platform, and our Voice Essentials POTS replacement, but our Enterprise POTS is our flagship product.  In fact, many of our channel partners believe we do POTS better than any other service provider thanks to our experienced project management, best-in-class support, aggressive pricing, and transparent invoices.

We Serve the Same Verticals

Birch Managed Voice is perfect for the type of multi-location distributed enterprises that you probably encounter every day, especially since you have a particular focus on the Healthcare, Financial, and Education vertical markets.  Organizations in those industries routinely have hundreds if not thousands, of POTS lines that they maintain for connectivity, backup, and mission critical lines like alarms or elevators. 

Voice is a Managed Service Too

If your customers turn to you to help them manage their telecom network and IT infrastructure, they’ll love how the Birch Gold Elite team manages every aspect of their POTS network from establishing the baseline audit, to implementation, and ongoing dedicated account support for moves, adds, changes, and trouble tickets.  It will save their internal resources a ton of valuable time that they can now spend doing their core activities, and they will appreciate the knowledge and experience our account management team brings to the table to help them make important network planning decisions. 

We Both Want to Save Your Customers Money

Switching or upgrading POTS lines is a low-risk project that has a high reward for your customers by way of significant cost and time savings.  Our POTS customers regularly save 50% or more over their current tariffed rates.  There’s also a high reward for Ancero, with upfront commissions of up to $60 per line and as much as xx% of your customer’s monthly POTS line spend. 

Paul, if you’re ready to schedule a 15 minute call to learn more about partnering with Birch with our CEO, Tony Tomae, please call or click the button below.