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Give Your Customers Control of their Future

Controlled Migration

Our experienced team and proven process ensure a smooth initial transition to Birch.

Technology Roadmap

Our suite of managed voice solutions provides an intuitive path from analog to VoIP or UCaaS. 

Easy Transition

Upgrading your customers to new technology is easy once customers are on our network.

Make Birch the home for your customer’s POTS lines today.

We’ll give them a simple, low-risk migration path to new technology in the future.  

Understand the Market

Most analysts agree that the share of the enterprise market that is using cloud communications is significant and rising, with projections estimating up to 51% market penetration by 2020*.  This kind of rapid adoption and and the astronomical revenue opportunity it brings has triggered a landgrab situation.  

Define the Opportunity

Many are so caught up in getting a share of the 51% that the other 49% of the market is often ignored.  Some customers are late to adopt new technology because of fear of change, bad experiences with other projects, internal culture, or any number of other reasons.  Sometimes they just don’t have a catalyst for change, and the risk/reward ratio appears out-of-whack.  

Change on Their Terms Not Ours

Regardless, there’s often a very good reason to not upgrade a customer and the worst thing you can do is push a customer to change when they aren’t ready. That’s why the pure-play UCaaS and hosted providers may not be the best option.  Birch has a full suite of managed voice services that will meet the needs of your customers today and down the road.   

Futureproof Purchase Decisions

We’ve designed our voice solutions to be easily upgraded and migrated to the next technology, taking the pressure and risk off of your customer’s shoulders (and yours!).  We’re focused on adding value to their bottom line, not ours. Customers can move their POTS lines to Birch now for immediate savings and consolidation, and be ready for change when the time is right. 

Start Selling!

Give Your Customers a Voice

Birch helps your cutomers take control of their voice environment by saving them on their voice services immediately while providing a migration path to more advance services when they are ready. Talk to a Birch Channel Manager today to learn how you can sell Birch Managed Voice Services!

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